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Paid advertisement (banner ad) of the homepage

An update day to display a page for the print: February 10, 2017 update <external link>

Do you not classify the banner ad of the shop into the homepage?

Publication rate (normal rate)

The publication rate is monthly basis 10,000 yen. In addition, the one that continues for 12 months, and was contracted becomes advantageous with annual sum 100,000 yen.

The application becomes the contract of at least three months, and it is an advantageous reduced fare when I make an annual contract.
The contract month is up to 12 months, but copes with hope of the update!

Standard of the banner

  • 140 pixels of 60 pixels of vertical X side
  • Capacity = less than 5KB
  • File format = Gif (animation impossibility)

Flow until a publication

  1. After the notification, please send "an application" and "a banner design" on the telephone
  2. After simple examination, I send a notice and a payment notice of the publication decision
  3. After the payment of the rate, it becomes the publication to the homepage
    ※Please submit the application in mail to bring directly, one of the emails


Our city homepage access situation

The year

The number of the access in the year

The number of the access mean in a month

Total page view (moon average)

20151,970,743 cases164,228 cases2,721,036 cases
20141,927,155 cases160,596 cases2,664,047 cases


1,834,268 cases

152,855 cases

2,573,577 cases

Reference materials

Related link

Adobe Reader<external link>

When you see the file of Portable Document Format, Adobe Reader which Adobe company provides is necessary.
Please download the one that does not have Adobe Reader from the link of the banner. (free)