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RSS feed

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Other than the overall new update information in the top page, I deliver latest information of each classification page including "the information of the living" and each position by a content distribution format (RSS) using an XML technique.
I can receive information updated automatically even if I do not access the Minami-Awaji-shi homepage if I use an RSS leader, a browser for RSS.

With the RSS

It is a technique to deliver an entry and the abstract of the Web site with an XML-based format to structure meta data (the additional data which described the information of data), and to describe.
It is used for the purpose of informing an article and the information that I updated with a news site or blog performing update frequently.
I can easily read latest information if I enroll in an RSS leader function of the software called the RSS leader and the major portal site.


You have you prepare an RSS leader, and please register a target URL with RSS leaders from "RSS feed of the latest information".
After the registration, registered information comes to be delivered automatically.


In the use, please be careful about the following things.

  • Registration to the software called the RSS leader and major portal site is necessary to use RSS.
  • As for the usage of the RSS leader and the registration method to major portal site, please see each instruction manual.
  • You cancel reporting by the RSS by convenience, and please note that you may change a URL.