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Web accessibility

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Consideration to usability

As well as easiness of search for of the information, I try for improvement of the general usability (usability) including the easy grasp of site structure and how to use.

  1. I establish the search by keyword window to the main page while I classify wide administrative information from the viewpoint of the user clearly and consider use-style to access the objective page quickly and appropriately by preparing the correspondence that I put together.
  2. I consider it to raise flexibility on using it by posting the links (global navigation) to the high rank index link (breadcrumbs) indicating the hierarchy of the current page judging from the whole site and the main group in the site on the header part of main pages.

Approach to Web accessibility

The Web accessibility means "the thing that an elderly person or a person with a disability are people with the limitation for a mental and physical function, but accesses information provided in Web regardless of a physical condition in age, and is available".

In Minami-Awaji-shi, I work on the following things towards the homepage that is available to more people.

I describe the substitute text for the image by all means

The user of the browser that a user, the image of the sound browser cannot display considers it to get image information.

I am careful about the combinations of colors of the screen and make enough luminosity differences

I consider it to become easy to read a letter for a background color as the user with sense of color properties, consideration to an elderly person.

I do not use a frame layout

For a user to read from a user and the search engine of the sound browser, I consider it to offer correct information.
※Letting you display the other page with the frame layout in ... displayed page

For the user of the sound browser, I make page constitution in consideration of reading

For the user of the sound browser, I consider it in order of the insertion and reading of the navigation.

I plan the unification of the design so that a user is not at a loss

It allows you to recognize that there is a user in Minami-Awaji-shi homepage by planning the unification of the design of the whole site.

The title makes it the one which understands contents just to have seen it

When I attach the title of the page, I keep it in mind to choose the plain words.

It is a test result based on 2016 JIS X 8341-3

"Minami-Awaji-shi homepage," it is a test result based on 2016 JIS X 8341-3