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Link, copyright, disclaimers

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Copyright Policy

As a general rule, the rights about information (each file such as a sentence, a photograph, an illustration, the image) published in "Minami-Awaji-shi homepage" (called our site as follows) and the content belong to Minami-Awaji-shi, and they are protected by an international treaty, a law (an original work author owns the copyrights such as some images).

In addition, generally the names such as a company name, the brand name published in our site are a trademark, registered trademarks of the companies concerned. I prohibit that unauthorized use, a reproduction, reproduction, sale, a modification, print distributes a document, an image published in our site without permission of Minami-Awaji-shi unless it is detected in Copyright Act including "a reproduction for private use" and "quotation".


As a general rule, the link setting to "Minami-Awaji-shi homepage" (called our site as follows) is free. When you set a link, please specify that it is the link to our site.

But I would like the link setting to the top page ( As an address may be changed without a notice as for the link to other pages, you are not expected. In addition, I do not take all responsibility about the damage that occurred about a link even if it is any case.
The contents of the site (called "a link site" as follows) of the third party except Motoichi linking to from our site or our site are managed by the responsibility of the companies each and are not under management of Motoichi. Please use the link site according to the terms of use to advocate of each link site.
Also, Motoichi does not take responsibility about any damage that I occurred by having used them about the contents of the link site.
In addition, I am absolutely sure about the accuracy of the information listed in our site, but Motoichi does not take responsibility for what about all acts that a user performs using the information of our site.